Utah First Time Home Buyer Programs and Grants

If you are a Utah First Time Home Buyer, want a place to call home sweet home and need some mortgage assistance or a down payment grant you have come to the right place. Utah is very aggressive when it comes to first time homebuyers and offers a variety of down payment grants and assistance. Not all of the Utah cities and counties participate, however you can find some great Utah first time home buyer help with a little bit of research and the knowledge from a seasoned mortgage professional.

You will be able to find all the popular Utah first time homebuyer programs, down payments assistance, zero down and grants on this site. The map below will help you find a program for you Including “Loan to Own”,”Own in Ogden“,”Own in Provo“, “Neighborhood works“, and several other great first time homebuyer programs and grants. This will help when your looking for a Utah home.


“Finding an affordable place to live plays a key role in having a
good quality of life. Our communities are greatly improved when essential
workers live near their work. However, with escalating housing prices,
it is often difficult to find affordable apartments and homes.
Fortunately, there are many programs throughout Utah that offer
assistance for renting or buying an affordable apartment, townhouse, or
home.” –Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. Governor (former)

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