South Jordan First Time Homebuyer Grant Money Program

Utah Grant MapSouth Jordan is offering $5,000 to first time homebuyers that purchase a home within the city limits. This first time homebuyer program will provide one half of the down payment required and help pay for closing costs.

The lien is forgiven at a pace of 20% per year. After five years the lien is removed completely from title and no repayment is required.

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  • Homebuyer must occupied unit
  • Single Family, Town homes, and Condos are eligible
  • Property must pass West Jordan City Inspection
  • Debt Ratios must be 35% Frontend and 45% Backend
  • Non-Occupant Co-Signers are allowed
  • Homebuyer must take homebuyers course
  • Expect 30 days to process application
  • Must contribute $2,000 of homebuyers own funds

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