Utah Home Grant

Find out if you qualify for a $3,000 – $20,000 Utah State Homebuyers Grant.

Picture yourself owning your own home. You are excited and the thoughts of this great investment gives you a feeling of accomplishment. You know you have made a smart investment and feelings of success and trust overcome you. You are now a home owner and on your way to a happier life!
It’s true that being a homeowner can have a major positive impact on your life. You can take advantage of the many benefits that come along with home- ownership. Here is a small sample of what homeownership has to offer. 

Pride of Ownership
You get to live the way you want to. Studies have shown homeowners have a more stable home life.

You may enjoy the benefits of your home value increasing and selling for a profit.

Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction
Talk with your accountant about the money you can save by using the interest as a tax deduction.

Capital Gain Exclusion
Again, talk to your accountant about the exemption of up to $250,000

A sample of what satisfied clients have said…• “On a teachers salary I didn’t think I could afford a home and my other obligations. Thank you for showing me how to get a home.” Terry – West Jordan (She got a home with a 50% discount)
• “You were the only one to mention the city grant money! I saved $15,000! I wanted to thank you again.” Mellissa – Orem
• “I appreciate the time you took to explain everything. I was nervous and you made me feel at ease.” Cory — Salt Lake City
• “We are so excited! You guys are the best!” Nate and Nicke – Highland
• “I never thought I would own a home as a single mother. My children and I dearly thank you.” Mary – Springville (She got a $15,000 Grant)

The best part about filling out the form below is the information is ALL FREE. Imagine being armed with the best information available to you as you purchase your new home.

Fill Out the simple form below to find out if you qualify for a $20,000 grant in Utah.


Mike Harrison

P.S. Home Ownership is not for everyone. At anytime you decide that you do not want any more information just let us know and we will stop all correspondence with you.