“Own in Ogden” Utah Grant Program

Utah Grant Map
Ogden Utah has helped over 1200 first time home buyers achieve home ownership with their “Own in Ogden” program. This program offers  $3,000, $5,000 and $10,000 zero interest, zero monthly payment down payment assistance grants. This first time buyer program is issued as a loan attached to the property which becomes due in full when a borrower ceases to occupy the property, sells the property or defaults on any of the terms agreed upon after recieving the funds.

$3,000 program is a targeted area in Ogden. (See Map Below)
$5,000 program a specified targeted area.  (See Map Below)
$10,000 program is for sworn in Ogden City Police Officers and Fire Fighters.

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  • All buyers must take fee simple title to property
  • Purchase price is not to exceed $263,388 for single unit, $296,658 for duplex, $360,425 for triplex, and $415,875 
  • Buyer must contribute $500 of own money
  • Must have residential zoning
  • No unresolved code enforcement violations
  • Property must meet minimum standards of safety, construction, and habitability

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