Get Your Credit and Score Without Hurting Your Credit Score

When you check your own credit score, you’re performing what’s known as a soft inquiry and the soft inquiry will not lower your credit scores.

When you have a company that extends credit such as a bank, mortgage company, car dealership, credit card company, etc. pull your credit it will show as a hard inquiry and can have a adverse affect on your credit scores. Sometimes you can not avoid a hard inquiry, but a hard inquiry should be pulled when YOU are ready not anytime before.

A soft inquiry is not reflected on your credit history and has no adverse effect on your credit score. Soft inquiries happen all the time; you just don’t know it because they aren’t displayed on your report. Besides checking your own report, soft inquiries often come from credit card companies trying to pre-approve you for credit cards, employers doing routine background checks, and current creditors just checking in to see how you’re doing.

You can pull your own scores for FREE. This credit pull will act as a soft inquiry and will not affect your credit scores. This can be extremely helpful when you are preparing to make a purchase and just need to see what your credit and scores are.